Sunday, December 13, 2009

ALWAYS smiling at ZARA..

Australia is famous for gold. The gold rush, the national colours [green and] gold, golden sand and I’m pretty sure we’ve gathered quite a few gold Olympic medals in our day. However, it is most unfortunate that we are without the goldmine that is Zara.

Recently, I was overseas – and I went absolutely crazy in Zara. My mum and I were in the women’s section for hours before we even realised that there are other levels. I bought some beautiful pieces, including a coat with a large collar. However, it is summer here in Australia – so whilst I’ll be getting a golden tan – I will not be spending my summer shopping in Zara, or wearing my lovely coat.

Yet I live in hope that Zara will make her way here soon. As shops like Zara make the world go round.

Some Zara pieces that are worth their weight in gold;

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